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Industrial applications projects

Textiles are used for many products. But are they properly applied? Are there possibilities to improve the manufacturing process or the actual product? Tentech will use their knowledge about membrane structures in the same way for industrial applications as they do for architectural structures.

From manufacturing process to final product

The knowledge and experience of Tentech in the field of membrane structures, safety and modular building systems is deployed extensively. We develop and improve products and optimize the industrial process in collaboration with our client. This could result, for example, in a reduced number of operations used in the manufacturing process or weight reduction of the final product.

Wide scope

From biogas plant to stroller, from terrace cover to dock shelter. When working in close corporation with our clients, Tentech’s specialism thrives. As we combine profound knowledge on materials and production processes with a solid understanding of membrane mechanics, a combination of knowledge from a variety of disciplines will lead to surprising innovations.


  • product development, innovation and design
  • modeling and analysis of complex geometries
  • justification of structural feasibility
  • process control and automation
  • production drawings
  • performing tests