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A canopy designed by Tentech

Tentech is an innovative design and consultancy company in the field of lightweight construction. For more than 20 years, the Utrecht-based company has been involved in the construction of canopies, amongst numerous other things. Tentech is also responsible for the sketches and the design of the canopy. The design is then modelled and analysed by engineers. In addition, Tentech works closely with parties who can realise the product. Thanks to Tentech’s extensive expertise in the field of lightweight construction and its continuous close involvement, Tentech always achieves the best results in consultation with the client.

Tentech canopies are used for a wide range of applications. The focus of architects and engineers is on textile architecture, constructions for festivals and events and canopies for industrial applications.

The roofing of an atrium, awning or stadium

Tentech specialises in the design and structural elaboration of the canopy. In addition, Tentech offers assistance in finding the right parties for the actual realisation. Tentech cooperates with several companies that specialise in the realisation of textile architecture: think of lightweight roofing of atriums, awnings or stadiums. The design focuses on sculptural quality in combination with pure detailing. Of course, Tentech takes into account the requirements of the location and the use of the construction. In addition to realising the technical design, attention is also paid to the design and production process. Tentech is responsible for supervising the production. This includes the translation of the design into custom-made cutting patterns and connections. We also help to find and select the right market parties for the actual realisation of the canopy.

A canopy for festivals and events

The roofs realised by Tentech have many applications. From dance events to product launches to the Volvo Ocean Race,the removable tents and temporary pavilions designed by Tentech can be found on all continents. Moreover, for the Dutch market, Tentech focuses on the production of tent books. The tent book contains all the relevant information about a tent construction and its safe use. A tent book is necessary for a government to grant a permit.

A canopy as an industrial solution

In addition, Tentech realises the roofing of industrial projects for a wide range of applications. This includes the roofing of water reservoirs, courtyards and stables. Tentech is responsible for product development, design and innovation in the realisation of this type of roof. We also devise the construction and take care of process control and automation. Finally, Tentech is responsible for generating the production drawings necessary for the realisation of the project.


Would you like to know more about the opportunities that Tentech offer for the realisation of a roof? Please contact us. The Tentech head office is located in Utrecht. You can contact the organisation by sending an email to: office@tentech.nl. Tentech can of course also be reached by telephone: +31 30 252 18 69.