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Domes for festivals and events

Domes Europe is a specialist in the field of geometric domes. Integrated floors, connecting domes and even a half-open dome are among the possibilities. Domes Europe works closely with Tentech for the structural support of their products. Together, the designs are developed, and technical feasibility is guaranteed. Tentech takes care of the necessary technical development. Tentech also assists in obtaining the necessary documents for the use of domes in countries all over the world.

Tentech projects

From dance events to product launches, Floriade to the Volvo Ocean Race, Tentech-designed demountable pavilions, tents and temporary shelters can be found at events all over the world. Tentech strives for an integrated design of the constructive and structural elements. The demountable character goes hand in hand with aesthetic quality. Portable constructions have to be safe for use under diverse conditions. Tentech ensures that the client can build the removable tents and pavilions anywhere in the world. We use our knowledge of international standards for this purpose. We also assist clients in their negotiations with local authorities.

A dome by Tentech

The head office of Tentech is located in Utrecht. In the southern hemisphere, Tentech has representation in Cape Town, South Africa. Tentech is an expert in the realisation of innovative, lightweight constructions. Tentech offers several disciplines that enable us to demonstrate our commitment to the realisation of lightweight roofs, among other things, from first draft to realisation. The focus of the architects and engineers is on textile constructions, temporary structures, complex geometries and the use of special materials. Innovative building materials are used in the projects, including cardboard, (printable) plastic and bamboo. We also, for example, apply the knowledge and experience we have gained with membrane constructions in industrial processes and product innovations. Tentech is active worldwide. We have extensive knowledge of (inter)national laws and regulations in the field of permanent and temporary constructions. The Tentech team consists of architects, constructors, construction engineers, industrial designers and CAD engineers.

For questions about designing or realising domes, please contact Tentech. You can reach us by phone on +31 30 252 18 69 and of course also by email: office@tentech.nl.