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Tent book by Tentech

What is a tent book?

A tent book is also described as a ‘construction book’ for festivals or events or as a ‘Baubuch’. The tent book contains all the information about tent construction that is necessary for authorities to be able to grant a permit for the use of the tent. You can think of tent constructions for festivals and events, but also for tents in the industrial sector. The information is also needed to fill in the safety plan. The tent book is in line with the current eurocodes. For the Dutch market, Tentech focuses on the production of tent books for festivals and events. Tentech works from sketch to realisation on canopies, festival tents, amphitheatres, lightweight water reservoirs and pagoda tents. Tentech also advises on the safe use of tents.

Festivals and events

Tentech’s removable pavilions, tents and temporary shelters travel all over the world. You will come across them at various large and also smaller events. Tentech strives for an integrated design of the constructive and structural elements. The demountable character goes hand in hand with aesthetic quality. Tentech’s well-known projects are the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015, Madonna’s stage for the MDNA World Tour and the Rose Garden of Tomorrowland.

Textile architecture

Tentech is part of the building team when textiles and complex geometric shapes are used in new or existing architecture: think of the roofing of an atrium, canopies and stadiums. Often there is a sub-design, in which we, in consultation with the architect, contractor and client, come to an optimal interpretation. Tentech is active in the field of architectural design, engineering, project management and research and development.

Industrial applications

In addition to architectural constructions, Tentech also applies all its knowledge of membrane constructions in industrial applications: think of water reservoirs and storage tents. In close cooperation with the client, Tentech’s specialism comes to the fore. Tentech is responsible for product development and design, for generating production drawings and for testing the end product.

Are you looking for a tent book?

Are you looking for a tent book? You may no longer have a (current) tent book, which is required to obtain a permit for the use of the tent. Previously published tent books generally have a validity of five years. The regulations are regularly adjusted to meet the latest safety requirements. An up-to-date tent book that has not yet expired may also be required for insurance reasons. Are you looking for an up-to-date book or do you want to have an existing tent book tested against the current safety standards?  Please contact Tentech. You can reach us by phone on +31 30 252 18 69 or send us an email at office@tentech.nl.