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Pagoda tent designed by Tentech

A pagoda tent can be used as a temporary roof during parties and events. In addition, pagoda tents are increasingly being used as more permanent shelters. A pagoda tent is a high roof that rests on tent poles. The roof is high enough, so that visitors can easily stand under it. This creates an easily accessible and fully covered space in the open air. A pagoda tent is used for open-air parties or events, where the tent offers protection against bad weather and the bright sun. The tent can also be used for other applications. Think for example of the roofing of a square or (public transport) transferium.

Pagoda tents for circuses and festivals

During its more-than-20-years of existence, Tentech has worked from sketch to realisation on pagoda tents for a wide range of clients. One of these clients, since the very beginning, has been Van Ham Tenten en Podia. For this relationship, Tentech provides, among other things, the structural support and tent books. Van Ham has been at the forefront of the safe installation of tents and structures for many years. In addition to calculating existing tent constructions, Tentech also advises Van Ham on new tent constructions. Tentech has developed and engineered a series of Bigtop Festival Tents for Toptents. For the design of pagoda tents and the calculation of tent constructions, Tentech is also happy to be your dedicated partner.

A safe pagoda tent

Tentech records the constructional substructure and the correct, safe construction of tent constructions in a tent book. Tentech strives to achieve a safety level based on the standards it adheres to. In addition, the organisation formulates restrictions on use if tent constructions are found not to be (fully) compliant. Tentech maps out which safety measures need to be taken to ensure the safe running of your festival or event. Tentech manufactures tent books for the Dutch market. The tent book contains all information about the construction of a festival tent that is necessary for the authorities to be able to grant a permit.


Are you curious about the possibilities that Tentech offers for the realization of your pagoda tent? The architects and engineers of Tentech work with you from sketch to realization. Please contact us by sending an email to office@tentech.nl. You can also reach us by telephone at: +31 30 252 18 69.