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A container setup by Tentech

What is a container setup?

A container setup means a (temporary) construction for containers, a kind of pavilion. Tentech is engaged in carrying out control calculations and drawing up a construction book for various container setups. We do this for numerous, large events all over the world. Think of the Puma Pavilion during the America’s Cup.

Tent book container setup

For the Dutch market, Tentech focusses on the production of tent books, also known as construction books or Baubuch. The tent book contains all the information about a tent construction that is necessary for municipal authorities to be able to grant a permit. The tent book is also used to complete the safety plan. The tent book is in line with the current Eurocodes and can bridge the gap between existing (expired) German, English or French tent books and the wishes of the Dutch municipal authorities. Tentech specialises in drawing up a tent book for a container setup.

Demountable container by Tentech

A demountable container must be safe to use under various conditions. Tentech ensures that the client can build the demountable pavilions anywhere in the world. To this end, we use our knowledge of international standards and, if required, assist clients in their negotiations with the local authorities.

Tentech has several large projects to its name, where a container setup was used during a festival or event. For the America’s Cup, Tentech drew up the construction book for various container setups. Tentech was also present at the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015. We took care of the container pavilions at this event, including:

  • The design of supporting structures
  • Design development
  • Creating production drawings of the container setup
  • Drawing up a construction book

Contact about a container setup

Would you like to find out more about the possibilities that Tentech offers in the realisation of a container setup at your festival or event? Then please contact us. The head office of Tentech is located in Utrecht. You can contact us by sending an email to office@tentech.nl. You can also reach us by phone at +31 30 252 18 69. We are happy to help you and look forward to seeing you soon in the world of lightweight construction!