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Membrane architecture as a connection with nature

Membrane architecture offers many interesting opportunities to combine organic design with practical architecture. Membrane architecture is all about (sail) cloths that serve as connecting elements. The first building in the Netherlands to be built entirely of tent canvas is the Andreas, Petrus en Paulus parish in Maassluis. A double-layer, insulated system of membrane architecture has been used to realise this highly complex structure.

In membrane architecture, membrane shells are intersected with facades made of extruded plastic panels.   Waterproofing between shells and facades is achieved with an elastic membrane connection.

In a beautiful location in the middle of the woods near Soest, theatre performances are conducted in the open-air theatre Cabrio. Harmen Werkman, architect and co-owner of Tentech, has designed a roof that fits in with the natural environment. The membrane is suspended indirectly above the stage via cables so that the canopy creates the illusion that it is floating above the stage. A lighting construction has also been hung under the membrane. By using electric winches, it is possible to move the membrane up and down.

Membrane architecture: An organic naturalness

In the Belgian city of Bree, the bus station of the school campus is provided with a spatially braided steel construction. A membrane is stretched within this construction. The use of membrane architecture provides  students and visitors to the campus with shade and protection against the elements. In addition, the canopy forms the centrally located landmark in the area.

Membrane architecture can be the ideal solution for combining nature and architecture. Due to its organic forms, a membrane construction offers a roof that serves the site without compromising the beauty of nature.

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