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Roofing of a water basin by Tentech

Tentech specialises in the design and development of structures for the roofing of water basins. Roofs for water basins are frequently used for industrial applications, as an example, water storage for cooling equipment, but also think of the emergency storage of water and of the storage of water for cleaning machines.  Tentech made a static analysis for a water basin in France for both High Point Structures and Buitink Technology.

Producing the roofing of a water basin

Tentech uses its knowledge and experience in the field of membrane constructions, structural safety and modular building systems in a broad sense. Together with industrial clients, we develop new products, optimise business processes and improve products. This translates, for example, into a reduction in the number of operations in the production process of roofing systems for water basins, but also think about the weight reduction of the end product. Tentech can be called in for product development, design and innovation in the realisation of roofs, but also for constructive responsibility and for process control and process automation.

From sketch to realisation

Tentech is an innovative design and consultancy firm specialising in the field of lightweight construction. For more than 20 years, Tentech has been involved in the construction of roofs for water basins, increasingly using lightweight structures. Tentech’s more than 20 years of expertise is very useful in this respect. When realising a roof for a water basin, Tentech assists you from sketch to design to final realisation. Of course, the design of the roofing for a water basin is modelled and analysed by our engineers. In addition, Tentech works closely with parties who can actually realise the design. In consultation with the client, Tentech always achieves the best result. This is primarily due to Tentech’s extensive expertise in the field of lightweight construction and its close involvement in projects.

Contact with Tentech

Are you interested in the possibilities that Tentech can offer for the realisation of your industrial project? You can contact us by sending an email to office@tentech.nl or by calling: +31 30 252 18 69. We look forward to hearing from you.