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Tent roofing by Tentech

Tentech is an innovative design and consultancy company in the field of lightweight construction. The focus of our architects and engineers is on textile constructions, temporary structures, complex geometries and the use of special materials. Tentech specialises in designing tent roofs for festivals and events. Our designs are also applicable in the industrial sector. The tents designed by Tentech can be found at events all over the world. We strive for an integrated design of structural elements, where the demountable character goes hand in hand with aesthetic quality. Tentech cooperates with professional companies that contribute to the realisation of the project. In this way, your project is supervised from the design phase to  actual implementation.

The safety of tent roofing

The structural foundation and the safe construction of the tent roof are recorded in a building or tentbook. We strive for a safety level based on the standards that are applied. Tentech also formulates restrictions on use if structures prove to be inadequate. In addition, we map out which measures need to be taken in order to guarantee the safe use of the tent roof.

Tent books for tent roofings

Tentech is engaged in the production of tent books for the Dutch market. A tent book is also called a ‘construction book’ or ‘Baubuch’. The book contains all the necessary information about  tent construction that is vital for municipal authorities to be able to issue a permit and to help complete the safety plan. The tent book is in line with current eurocodes and can bridge the gap between existing (expired) German, English or French tent books and the wishes of the Dutch municipal authorities.

Tentech projects

Tentech has many beautiful projects to its name: The Pearl of Tomorrowland, Hors catégorie, Most beautiful festival stage in the world. The press was ecstatic about the new Rose Garden stage at Tomorrowland, co-designed and realised by Tentech. Van Ham tenten en Podia is one of the first clients for whom Tentech has provided the constructive foundation and tent books. With this, Van Ham is leading the way in the safe design and construction of a festival tent.

Diverse types of tent canopies

At Tentech, you can go directly from sketch to construction of various types of tent shelters. Think, for example, of the following roofs:

Are you looking for a different type of tent roofing? Get in contact with Tentech. We will gladly discuss the options for your next project with you.

Contact Tentech

Are you interested in the possibilities that Tentech can offer for the realisation of your project? You can contact us by sending an email to office@tentech.nl or by calling +31 30 252 18 69. In addition to the main office in Utrecht, Tentech has representation in Cape Town, South-Africa.