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A stretch tent for festivals and events

A stretching tent is a canopy with the ability to take on various shapes. This means that a stretch tent can be built up in a modular way and can be placed in almost any situation. In addition, a stretch tent is definitely eye-catching; a nice addition to your event that is guaranteed to amaze your visitors.

A stretch tent can be supplied in various sizes and shapes. For this reason, a tent like this can be used in almost any situation. Several tents can also be connected to each other, so the set-up can be assembled entirely according to your wishes.

A stretch tent in practice

The Eventroof of MAX tents is made up of a truss construction with an overarching stretching tent. Tentech has provided advice with regard to the structural structure and execution during the engineering process.

A stretch tent for festivals and events

Stretch tents are ideally suited to festivals and events. Due to its striking appearance, a stretch tent is a valuable addition to a festival or event. Visitors to the festival can cool off in the shade or take shelter from possible rain. It speaks for itself that a tent canopy also enhances the atmosphere.

Tentech has previously developed a technique to enable full-colour graphics on tent constructions. The Rose Garden stage at Tomorrowland is a striking example of this. The technique allows the decorative print to be positioned very precisely on the canvas, making it possible to play with the recto and verso sides and the translucency of the canvas. Every tent or inflatable shape and every print is possible, so that festivals will have an even more powerful appearance in the future.


Are you curious about what Tentech can do for you in the realisation of a stretch tent or event architecture? Please contact us. The head office of Tentech is located in Utrecht. You can contact us by sending an email to office@tentech.nl. Tentech can also be reached by phone on +31 30 252 18 69.