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An amphitheatre designed by Tentech

Tentech is an innovative design and consultancy firm specialized in the field of lightweight construction. In their daily work, the architects and engineers focus on textile architecture, festivals and events and industrial applications. For these types of projects, Tentech sketches and designs lightweight roofs. In the following steps, the designs are modelled and technically calculated. The lightweight constructions are also very suitable as roofs for outdoor theatres and amphitheatres. In the more-than-20-years that the Utrecht company has been active, Tentech has already realised numerous canopies for amphitheatres.

The realisation of an amphitheatre

Tentech contributes to the realisation of roofs for an amphitheatre or open-air theatre. The organisation is involved from the first sketch to the final realisation of the theatre. Of course, we work closely with the client and all parties involved in order to achieve the best and most innovative result.

Projects of Tentech

In 2012, Tentech previously covered the amphitheatre of Floriade. Here, the canopy closes the theatre’s bowl and protects the artists from rain and wind during performances. From the grandstand, the opening of the canopy provides a view of the water behind it. The theatre performances make use of this unique form by entering the stage from the water. Tentech was responsible for the design, dimensioning and execution engineering of the membrane and steel structure.

Textile architecture amphitheatre

Tentech is part of the building team when textiles and complex geometric shapes are used in new or existing architecture. This often involves a partial design in which Tentech, in consultation with the architect, contractor and client, arrives at an optimal solution. Tentech is responsible for the architectural design, the structural design, the engineering, the architectural plan development and the project management. In doing so, the organisation takes all aspects from sketch to realisation off the client’s hands. Tentech is always focused on development and innovation, with the aim of achieving the best possible result during each project, as envisaged by the client.


Would you like to know what Tentech can do for you in the realisation of an amphitheatre or canopy? Please contact us. Tentech’s head office is located in Utrecht. You can contact us by sending an email to: office@tentech.nl. You can also reach Tentech by phone at: +31 30 252 18 69.