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Inflatable hall: temporary indoor sports accommodation

An inflatable hall, also known as an air hall, is a dome-shaped room with a solid base. This space is provided with a slight overpressure in the hall by means of a constantly active fan. Due to the properties that characterise an inflatable hall, it is ideal for covering a sports field during the winter season. By using an inflatable hall, a summer sport can also be continued in winter. For example, a temporary shelter for a hockey field or tennis court can be used.

Inflatable hall: temporary indoor sports accomodation

An inflatable hall, air hall or balloon hall, is a  suitable construction to facilitate temporary indoor sports facilities in the winter. An inflatable hall is often placed on existing sports fields. Tentech makes static analyses for the air domes of the company OpenCover, which specialises in constructions like this one.

The inflatable hall as a cheap alternative

Because an inflatable hall is a cheaper alternative to placing a solid building, it is often used as temporary accommodation. For this reason, an inflatable hall, or an air hall,is also suitable as temporary accommodation for events, fairs and other non-permanent activities.

The number of inflatable halls in the Netherlands is still increasing. More and more clubs use a semi-permanent inflatable hall, so that the sports can be practised all year round.

From production process to final product

Tentech analyses whether improvements are possible in the production process or the product itself. In addition to architectural constructions, Tentech also applies all its knowledge of membrane constructions in industrial applications. Tentech uses its knowledge and experience in the field of membrane constructions, structural safety and modular building systems, in a broad sense. Together with industrial clients, we develop new products, optimise business processes and improve products. This translates, for example, into a reduction in the number of operations in the production process or a reduction in the weight of the end product.

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