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Architecture, craftsmanship, engineering

Tentech is an innovative design- and engineering consultancy specialized in lightweight structures. Our architects and engineers focus on membrane structures, temporary structures, complex geometries and the use of distinctive materials. In addition to fabric, steel, wood and aluminium, Tentech explores the implementation of cardboard, (3d printable) synthetic material and bamboo.

Lightweight construction

Tentech, as a design consultancy, has a unique role. We are often asked to participate in specific parts of a project, whenever a combination of modern craftsmanship and attention to detail is required. We do not necessarily reserve this expertise for lightweight structures. For example, we also use our knowledge and experience to work on industrial processes and product innovations.

Modeling and analysis

Another important aspect of our service is controlling complex membrane-shapes. We possess the expertise and techniques to model and analyse tensile structures and to convert 3D complex surfaces into 2D cutting patterns. Additionally, we take care of the structural feasibility of products. We strive for a sustainable relationship with our clients. Hence, we are committed to point out innovation opportunities and possibilities for product improvements.

Regulations for temporary structures

Tentech operates worldwide. Hence, we have extensive knowledge of (inter)national laws and regulations concerning permanent and temporary structures. Started as a spin-off from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Delft University of Technology, Tentech was founded in 1997. Our multidisciplinary team consists of architects, structural engineers, architectural technologists, industrial designers and CAD engineers.


  • ir. Rogier Houtman

    director / owner



  • ir. Harmen Werkman

    architect / owner



  • ir. Erwin van Langeveld



  • ing. Jasper van Wijk

  • drs. Esmée van Oostveen

    office manager


  • ir. Daan Rietbergen

  • Tom van Huet BSc
  • ing. Jos Broekroelofs
  • Daria Somova MSc
  • Anastasiya Svidova MSc
  • Corné Hooijmans
  • ir. Dennis Blom
  • Laura Dings MSc