In Middelburg, the ZEP Leisure Park is realized. The park includes facilities for dancing, sports, food, shopping and learning. An important aspect of the designed cluster of buildings by NIO Architects, are the amorphous formed membrane canopies, which connect the various buildings and provide shelter from the rain.

Although the canopies differ from each other, they use the same principles for the structural design. Laminated wooden beams are reaching out of the building volumes and support the 3D curved edge beams. At the fa├žade side, a single curved gutter beam is installed. The PVC coated polyester membrane is placed on top of the wooden beams and is tensioned between the edge and the gutter beams. The membrane follows the curves from the supports fluently, which generates the amorphous canopy shape.

Despite the complex shape of the canopy, many connection details were standardized. For example, all the connections of the membrane to the single curved gutter beam and to the double curved edge beams are identical. Due to this and by making use of intelligent techniques, it was possible to achieve a complex-shaped eye catcher in a cost neutral manner.