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Tent sales by Tentech: from sketch to realisation

Tentech is an innovative design and consultancy company in the field of lightweight construction. The focus of our architects and engineers is on textile constructions, temporary structures, complex geometries, tent sales and the use of special materials.

Tent sales by Tentech

It is important to realise that Tentech does not simply sell tents, but specialises in going through the entire process from sketch to realisation. Tentech has close contacts with companies that specialise in the production of the actual tent. Tentech’s specialists work on every step of the production process. These include the (technical) elaboration of the idea for the tent.

Tent sales for festivals

From dance events to product launches, Floriade to the Volvo Ocean Race, tents designed by Tentech can be found at the most diverse festivals and events. During the process from sketch to realisation, Tentech ensures that the client can use the tent anywhere in the world. Tentech is fully conversant with international standards. Tentech records the structural foundation and the correct, safe construction method of structures in a tent book. The tent book contains all the information about the construction of a festival tent that is necessary for the government to be able to grant a permit. Tentech has a number of fine clients to its name. Van Ham tents is one of the first clients for whom Tentech has provided structural support and tent books. As such, Van Ham is at the forefront of safe tent sales.

Stretch tent by Tentech

A stretch tent is a canopy with the ability to take on various shapes. The tent is modular and can be erected in almost any situation. A flex tent comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, which makes it suitable for use in various situations.

Work tent by Tentech

A work tent is a tent construction that is used as a temporary roof, for example, for construction projects on roads, bridges or other constructions. As a result of purchasing this tent, the negative influence that the weather can have on the planning of projects no longer plays a role.

Contact Tentech

Would you like to discuss the tent sales process with us? No problem. You can reach Tentech by email: office@tentech.nl or by telephone: +31 30 252 18 69. Our office is located in Utrecht and we can be reached during all normal working hours.