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Tarpaulin for roofing by Tentech

Tarpaulin for roofing

Tentech specialises in the creation, design and technical elaboration of tarpaulin structures for roofs. A sailmaker is a workshop where tarpaulins are made with different uses. Tentech creates the design, in which the tarpaulin is used for the canopy. You can think of roofs for parties, festivals and events or roofs for the industrial sector. Tentech works together with experts who make the tarpaulin according to the wishes of our clients. Your project is supervised by us from the design phase to actual implementation.

A roof for festivals and events

At Tentech we invent and design temporary or demountable constructions for festivals and events. The safe use of these structures is, of course, central to this. The roofs designed by Tentech go all over the world. Firstly, Tentech discusses the design with external parties. They will then work on the technical implementation of the project. Of course, we keep an eye on things. Tentech has already made several famous designs for, among others, Tomorrowland and Lowlands.

Tarpaulins for industrial applications

Tentech is an expert in the field of optimising and innovating products and production processes in the world of lightweight construction. We have extensive knowledge of how to use tarpaulins for roofing in the industrial sector. Tentech is responsible for the design and supports the sailmaker in the execution. Tentech designs, among other things, storage tents and liquid containers in which tarpaulin is used for roofing.

Tentech’s Projects

Tentech has many beautiful projects to its name: ‘The Pearl of Tomorrowland’, ‘Hors catégorie’, ‘Most beautiful festival stage in the world’. The press was highly enthusiastic about the new Rose Garden stage at Tomorrowland, co-designed and realised by Tentech. Van Ham tenten en Podia is one of the first clients for whom Tentech has provided the constructive foundation and tent books;  so Van Ham is leading the way in the safe design and construction of tents for festivals and outdoor events.

Contact Tentech

Are you curious about the possibilities that Tentech offers in the realisation of your project? You can contact the organisation by sending an email to: office@tentech.nl or by calling: +31 30 252 18 69. Tentech has its headquarters in Utrecht and representation in Cape Town, South Africa.