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‘Bouwwereld’ number 04, year of publication 2015, pages 10 & 11

‘Zwevende stalen buis als drager van paviljoen’


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‘Demontabel dak zwembad Krommerijn’


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‘Canopy at Courtyard’


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‘Jinso Pavilion’


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‘De gebouwen van ZEP vrijetijdspark’


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‘The Inflatable Cloud’


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‘Voile van metaalgaas rond liftkoker’


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‘Transparant Inflatable Globe’


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‘Islazul Shopping Centre Madrid’


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De Theorie Gestaafd


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‘De dome van het Millenium’

Participation in sector-wide committees

Tentech is an Associate Partner of Tensinet – a European network for companies that are active in the field of membrane structures – and among others operative in the Workgroup about ETFE-structures. Additionally, Tentech participates in the following Standards committees: Eurocode Membrane structures (w.g. 5 of TC254), Eurocode tent structures (w.g. 2 of TC152) and Eurocode Fairground and Amusement Parcs (w.g. 1 of TC 152).


The branch in which we operate, is not a commonly known field. We gathered our knowledge during campaigns abroad, backed up by our years of experience. We have pursued experimental avenues and performed research. Combined with the personal contribution of each employee, Tentech has an exceptional knowledge potential, which we willingly share to contribute to the development of our field.

Training and Education

Tentech Academy originates from our goal to train employees and share knowledge internally. In addition, we also share our knowledge externally during trainings, lectures and conferences. We deliver substantive contributions to TU Delft, TU Eindhoven, UT Ghent, AvB Groningen, HAN, Fontys University, Rotterdam University, Vrije Universiteit Brussel and IMS (Institute for Membrane Structures, Anhalt University, Dessau). Tentech is open to guide ambitious students.

Knowledge center

Tentech Academy was created particularly to support our knowledge center. Upon request, we provide courses and training in the field of lightweight construction, textile architecture and the application of membrane technology in industrial processes and products.

Research and ICT

By researching, we acquire new insights and extend our knowledge. Tentech is involved in the research committee ‘Wind, rain and hail’ of the TVD and in the 3D printing of a canal house of the DUS Canal House project. Furthermore, in collaboration with research partners and students from the Universities of Technology, we perform research on grid shells, adaptive structures, temporary anchoring, sustainability (LCA) and Tensairity. In our work methodology, considerable attention is paid to the integration of software tools, parametric design and automation of design and analysis processes.
Structural optimization.