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NXT is a new formula of service stations introduced throughout the Netherlands. The brand focuses on the transition of traditional service station to the service station of the future. Hans Schepman of West Architects designed a modular system to accomodate different generations of fuels and loading-stations. Tentech provided the engineering of the project.

pictures: Chiara de Geus


GP Groot Brandstoffen en Oliehandel
GP Groot Brandstoffen en Oliehandel
West Architecten
structural design, static analysis, 3D-modeling, structural engineering, membrane engineering, 3D model
Ferrari TX30, steel
360 m2

Textile architecture projects

The covering of a courtyard, canopies or stadiums… Tentech is part of the building team when textile and complex geometric shapes are used in new or existing architecture. Often we are responsible for a specific part of the design. In dialogue with the architect, contractor and client, we achieve an optimal contribution.

The design…

Our designs are characterized by sculptural quality and clean detailing, along with requirements of the location and usage of the structure. Combined they result into strong architectural concepts, in which aesthetics goes hand in hand with safe usage.

…and more

Our work doesn’t end with the realization of the technical design. We focus on all aspects of the design and production process that have an impact on textile architecture. Therefore, we are involved with all phases of the design process: from project definition, composition and preliminary design to the technical design, quotation, workshop drawings and maintenance. Supervising production, translating design into tailor made cutting patterns and connections, and assistance in the search and selection of the right market participants, are also part of our services. In our view, this is part of ‘modern craftsmanship’.


  • architectural design
  • structural design
  • engineering
  • detailed technical design
  • project management
  • project coordination
  • research and development